Personal Narrative: My Life In New England

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I hope everything is alright back home, I miss my brothers and sisters. However, I came to New England for a good reason, wealth and better way of living, for me and my family. Currently, I reside in Boston in New England, and most of us here are farmers or artisans, climate is great, dry, cool, with many trees, and fast moving rivers. As for my family, as well as most of the families that reside here in Boston, everything seems to be going great. We own 120 acres of land where we have cows, chickens, and some pigs. In other words, everything seems to be running as expected. We sought a better way of living, more freedom, better status in terms of society, it is the start of something much greater, and I think you should all join as well.…show more content…
Although they sought to be friends with us, our relationships became more stressed. We needed land, and so we formed an alliance with the Narragansett and the Mohegan, and declared war against the Pequot to take their land and goods. All our allies wanted was captives, land, food, and weapons, a part of the cut. It was massacre, our allies said, so we changed our strategies, but we were still able to acquire the land we wanted at the end. Some of the Pequot survivors were either assimilate into other groups or sold into slavery. Overall the relationship we had with these people was one of accommodation, with some, and conflict with…show more content…
At first, it was very profitable. However, as time passed, we needed to adapt our economy and so we developed this chain of trade, in a sense. Due to our location, we were able to create a trade that consisted of fishing, ship building, lumber, among other things. In this trade, we load our ships with crops and domestic animals, sail to Jamestown and trade these for Tobacco. Afterwards, we sail to England, where we unload the tobacco and load our ships with people, supplies and goods, and take them back to Jamestown, and acquire more tobacco to drop off in New England. Once unloaded, we load our ships with lumber and other goods and trade it for sugar in the Caribbean, to take it back to England. In England, we acquire guns and gold, which we trade for people in Africa. It is confusing at first, however, this has brought profits and better

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