Beowulf Good Vs Evil Research Paper

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Beowulf theme good vs evil In many ways beowulf is a epic hero, who fights evil monsters. which is a conflict between a courageous, mighty, loyal warrior and the demons and dragons of hell itself. The main characters of Beowulf are beowulf himself and grendel the evil monster. Grendel was so tired of the war that has been going on, one night he sneaked in by the hall and killed 30 men which made people start leaving their homes because they weren’t safe. Once the brave warrior arrived he faces grendel and grendel flees once he faces beowulf. There is so much conflict in the story that really you don;t know if it all for good causes or bad. Beowulf and grendel are both very different beowulf is a courageous, brave warrior and grendel is evil. In the story there's more good than evil. The theme of beowulf is grendel's revenge upon the people in herot.…show more content…
The people would sing happily rejoicing and singing about the heavens and the earth. Once the night comes grendel sneaks in and kills 30 men, “He slipped through the door and there in the silence snatched up thirty men, and smashed them”(p2 37-38). Grendel goes to herot and finds the people sleeping and there he kills them. Which proves grendel wants some revenge, he kills 30 men 30 innocent people. If grendel wanted revenge on only one certain person he would of probably just killed that man but he killed many others. Grendel starts his revenge he begins making the people leave herot, the people become afraid because grendel haunted every night. “seeing how grendel haunted when they slept. Distance was safety the only survivors were those who fled him”(lines 56-58). Many began leaving and finally grendel had a

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