Beowulf Good Vs Evil

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In Beowulf, the conflict between good and evil is the story’s main and most important theme. In the beginning of the text, King Hrothgar builds a great hall called Heorot. Grendel, an evil man eating monster, eats and attacks all of the soldiers in the hall. Hrothgar tries to stop Grendel but he can not. So Beowulf, a brave knight with strong wrists and short legs, comes in and kills Grendel. While celebrating, the King’s assistant Unferth, a gross secret admirer of Grendel, stays awake. Grendel’s mother, who is worse than Grendel, comes to the hall. She is so bad that She does not have a name. Unferth welcomes her, but she beheads him and brings him into the Fen (a muggy forest and swamp full of scary creatures). Everyone wakes up and sees…show more content…
Grendel is much more evil than Unferth. Grendel is a monster that leaves blood trails wherever he goes and when he speaks you can hear bones of his past meals in his throat. Evil can be defined with the words ruthless, vile, and terrible. He is ruthless because he will kill and eat anyone and anything under any circumstances. He is vile because of the things he does and the effect it has on him, like his foul smelling breath, trail of blood, and the crunching of bones. On page 38 it says that the thing that Beowulf noticed was the foul and malignant smell. The word malignant means very infectious. Grendel has never been beat with swords or any weapons. The weapons and swords just break when they hit his skin, he was killed because of all the goodness and light in…show more content…
“Grendel's mother”, “Wife of Cain”, or “Her” are all things people call her, but she does not get a name because of how bad she is, no name can match her evilness. Although it may seem impossible, Grendel’s mother is even worse than Grendel, who is worse than Unferth. She is just blackness, she is so evil that there is no light at all in her. Evil is darkness, pure hate, and beyond foul. She is a snake-like figure that is comforting like a mother, but is just blackness. She can only be defeated by lightness and love, no one realizes this until Beowulf comes. Before him people would try to defeat her with swords, but they would just break and bend the sword. On page 67, it says that she grabbed Beowulf into her arms and hugged him tight. At first he felt comforted by her and then realized that he could not get out of her grasp and she pulled him down. It was not until he started talking about lightness and how he killed grendel that she started weakening her grip on him, until finally she died. Grendel’s mother is pure evil inside and out, nothing is worse than

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