Technology In The Classroom Alonzo Porter Summary

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Alonzo Porter reveals the negative consequences that come along with implementing more and more technology into school systems. Teachers have to put in extra effort to minimize the use of technology, when it is not appropriate, in the classroom. Porter goes over the increase in traffic in school hallways, the wasting a precious classroom time, distractions caused by telecommunication devices and other electronics, and the lack of independently thinking. The first point that Porter makes is the amount of people crowding the hallways. He strongly insinuates that technology is the cause of this by saying “some scroll their fingers up, down and across a tablet, others text faster than professional typists, while still others bop their heads to music.”(Porter 2013) This shows that students are paying more attention to applications on their electronic device than walking in the hallway. Porter also makes note of the skills that modern day students possess, in regards to using technology. You could say they have the energy and time to work hard, but the author seems to see they are putting their efforts into non-academic related activities.…show more content…
He says that “Teachers are now forced to perform the ‘put that away, unplug that, please log off’ dance every class period, resulting in a waste of valuable instructional time.”(Porter 2013) Porter seems to stress the idea of students being responsible for their own actions and following the rules that the school district has set in place. Alfonzo Porter also says that a great way to proactively deal with this situation is to “leave all technology in lockers and not permit them in the classroom.”(Porter

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