Beowulf As A Hero Essay

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Beowulf a hero of the Geats, comes to the rescue of King Hrothgar and his people. After many heroic successes Beowulf will later return to Geatland, Sweden and claim his crown which will make him King of the Geats. This literary art work takes place in both Sweden and Denmark in the sixteenth century. The moral of the piece is loyalty, bravery, and honor. Beowulf shows great honor and bravery in everything he does for King Hrothgar, and also displays his loyalty he has. Beowulf is thought to be brave for many reasons. One reason people look at Beowulf as if he is brave in this poem is because Beowulf took off his helmet before facing Grendel, and choosing not to use any weapon of any kind to defeat the monster. In lines (677-678) Beowulf says “When it comes to fighting, I count myself/ as dangerous any day as Grendel”. Taking actions such as that one showed how daring he was, and the courage it took to do that made him appear much more heroic. Over a course of fifty-years after, not only did Beowulf face another threat to his life but to Wiglaf’s life also. Wiglaf and Beowulf together showed how brave they were by fighting the dragon together and not giving up till it was slain, even though Beowulf suffered a life threatening injury. In lines…show more content…
In the poem Beowulf shows loyalty by helping his father by repaying his debt to King Hrothgar. King Hrothgar also recalls in line (472) “Ecgtheow acknowledged me with oaths of allegiance”. All of Beowulf’s decisions were motivated by loyalty beginning when he decided to help the Danes. Another way Beowulf demonstrates his loyalty to King Hrothgar is when he traveled with all of his men to fight Grendel. He did not do this just for the glory, but to repay off his fathers debt he owed to King Hrothgar. This shows his loyalty very well, Beowulf did not have to go and defeat Grendel, but like the loyal man he was he did it, not for himself but for

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