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Beowulf Hero Essay Beowulf is a hero in the same place as Hercules or Perseus, in that he shows similar values of courage, strength, honor, and respect. Beowulf showed many crucial elements/traits of a true warrior labeled as a hero. A hero is a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities (Webster). Beowulf has many characteristics that are qualified as a hero, Courage, Patience, Honesty and Confidence, Selflessness and Supportive. Beowulf had a tough and long battle with the 3 violins of the Kings town. All the actions that Beowulf completed are parts of the 4 characteristics from above. (Beowulf) Beowulf showed courage in coming from far away to help save a king’s city from being destroyed by the vicious enemies…show more content…
He loved to show his ability to the crew, so they know what is needed to win. His loyalty and the way he inspired his team. He was willing to come and fight in Denmark. The town showed their support for Beowulf. He showed passion to grab Grendal’s arm to show his effect of his killing. When Grendal’s mother stole it back, Beowulf had the heart of waiting and preparing to beat her. When fighting the Dragon, he had to wait for the right time to attack. If he missed once, then the dragon had the chance to attack him. The passion showed by the crew in Denmark. They all helped to build the tower, and place all the treasures with him, so everybody from far away can see the tower to remember the great hero. (Beowulf) Beowulf convinced the kings’ citizens, from the way he showed his Honesty to others and the way he did wasn’t selfish, and gave support to the crew he brought and the members of the king. This hero showed trust, and placed his hand for others to use. He put his full body out in the war zone to protect and save the city’s hall and people. The protagonist, who is known as Beowulf, surrendered his heroic strengths. Beowulf was not selfish; he brought others to help him win. He left his friends in the Geats to come to the Danes and conquer.

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