Persuasive Essay About Golf History

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Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Jack Nicklaus. When these names are herd, the first thing that comes to mind is the sport of golf. Some people may wonder why it is not a sport in the Olympics. The sport of golf has a great history, contributes an enormous economic benefit to the surrounding communities and is a great way to stay physically active. These are a few, of many valid reasons why golf should be a part an important event like the Olympics. Tracing back to 100BC, golf has developed as a well known, professional sport that is recognized worldwide. The Romanians who used a bent stick to hit around a leather ball first played what we today would call golf. The origin of the modern game is usually traced to Scotland, in the 15th Century as stated by the International Gold Federation. It was in the 1700s when the first reference to golf balls and golf clubs were established, as well as the first set of rules. St. Andrews “The Old Course” is where the 18 hole round was…show more content…
As golf grew more and more popular because of its expansion and globalization, it was taken into consideration to be added back into the summer Olympics. The vote was passed in 2009 and the decision was final. The sport will consist of both a male and female individual stroke play match that will take place over 4 rounds. Golf in the Olympics will not only represent a new and exciting sport for viewers around the world to watch but it will also have great external benefits for the residents of Rio de Janerio. It will give people the opportunity volunteer and help out there community which will in turn educate them more on the game of golf and hopefully lean new skills. The new course will also provide great economic value. It will be a public course where anyone can go and enjoy a round. It will provide employment for locals and it will be the host of charity tournaments that will help raise money for non-for

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