Canadian Tire Swot Analysis

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Introduction Overview of the company Canadian Tire is a Canadian retail company that transacts in sports and leisure, home and automotive products with some of its store handling food products. a. Mission Statement The organizational mission statement holds that it is a proud Canadian family that exists to enrich and serve the lives of its customers, shareholders and teams (Canadian Tire Corp., n.d.). b. Vision Statement The vision of the organization is to be an innovative and growing eco-system of businesses that attain immense result through highly motivated and skilled people as it keeps in tou8ch with more people in different ways every day (Canadian Tire Corp., n.d.). c. Strategic Objectives The key strategies objectives of the…show more content…
Basically, according to Howell (2005), the strategic objectives are attainable given that they are tied to the vision and mission of the organization whose themes is sustainability and care for the people who are related to the organization. The objectives are realistic given that they are not costly as they intend to reduce organizational cost and that the organization has requisite skills needed to meet them. The objectives are specific as they intend to enhance efficiency and promote sustainable growth in the future. The objectives and the specific areas of implementation can be assigned to different departments and people although it is not clear how they are to be measurable and within a specific time…show more content…
The level of government involvement in businesses in Canada is high where there is high government intervention aimed at ensuring that there is fair trade and this has played a critical role in reducing monopoly in the economic system and has also increased the number of international trade agreements that have been instrumental in opening up the business environment to international firms. Further to this, the global treaties could enable the organization to enter the global market and this would be vital for the growth of the organization. Another political environment is the global food safety initiative that almost all countries in the world are pursuing with an aim of ensuring that the food standards are high and that information availed to the clients are up to date and correct. As a result, the global food regulations have been receiving numerous political acceptances and could have both direct and indirect impact on the organization in which some branches deal with food

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