Ben Carson Mother

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What are some of the qualities of a mother? Is she strict, old-fashioned, conservative, or a nuisance? Or does she give unconditional love, portrays undying faith in the success of her children, and is knowledgeable (Mcdowell, Crystal)? For Ben Carson, his mother had all the qualities of a good mother, both the love and the discipline. Throughout “The Gifted Hands”, Sonya Carson played a very important role in the life of her son as a guide, and this influenced her son to use his intelligence to become one of the best neurosurgeons ever known. She guided her son by enforcing, instructing, and showing love. Ben Carson was just like any other child, that after a hard day of being in school, he would go home and watch some television. However…show more content…
When the teacher reprimanded her class for allowing an African-American boy to be smarter than them, Mrs. Sonya did not waste any time in switching him to a school that would appreciate him. And through that switch, he wasn’t surrounded by racism as much as before. He then became a better and more motivated student. She also showed her love by providing for him. When she noticed he couldn’t read because he had no glasses, she went and bought them. Later, when he entered Hunter High, Ben acts like an ungrateful and aggressive son when his mother did not buy him fashionable clothing. Instead of scolding him, she told him “You pay the bills. Everything that I make, I will give it to you. And whatever that is left over, you can keep it for yourself.” She gave him the money, and he went and bought his clothes. Ultimately, she showed her love by having confidence in him. Throughout the movie, she never told him that he couldn’t be what he wanted to be. She believed in him, and said that “You can be anything you want to be in this life. As long as you’re willing.” She also told him that the book resided inside of him, and he doesn’t need to be scared or worried. This helped him through his college years where he felt that no one believed in him. Through her love, he became a better
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