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Gifted hands: The Ben Carson Story was first written by Ben Carson himself in the book and adapted by the director, Thomas Carter. The autobiography tells a more honest story than the movie since parts did not have to be changed for drama or appeal to a larger audience like in certain scenes or by including or leaving out religious views. Also, some stories that were included in the book for example Susan and Craig's story from Chapter 18, did not make It to the movie. The book is an honest retelling of his life before fame while the movie is glorifying his most famous acts, like focusing on the separation of the twins in great detail. Still the movie did not modify Gifted Hands too much but did leave out plenty of scenes that shaped his personality and…show more content…
In the book, he shows honesty by waiting in the classroom for a test he did not study for while the other kids leave and plan on pretending as if they never say the note their teacher put out for them. Candy comes out and snaps a picture of Ben labeling him as the school's "most honest student". This would have made a great scene in the movie as it was one of my favorites it the book. Instead the movie jumped to Candy being a supporter to Ben and hardly gave her any time to shine as an individual. For an example, we only get one mention of her gift of violin and only see her play twice both incidents being with Carson. In the book however, we are Carson describes Candy as a person rather than only his lover. He tells us her dreams and gifts how hard she works and even how she and Carson stayed together when they were studying away from one another. In the movie however, Candy is only seen and heard from in regard of Carson or when she is with children. The movie made her feel like Carson's house wife whose only role was to support her husband and bear

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