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Measuring Mass and Volume Aileen Bautista* and Alexander Garcia CHEM 1A Lab, Department of Chemistry, California State University, Fresno, CA 93740 October 1, 2015 Experiment 2: Mass and Volume Measurement, was intended to establish proper techniques when obtaining measurements for a set of data collection by examining the results of the collected measurements to indicate the importance of precision and accuracy in order to reduce the amount of error in experiments. These measurements were also used to determine the percent concentration of an unknown solution with the possibility of 1 out of 4 solutions. This experiment inducted how measurements and calculations are used to obtain further information. Introduction…show more content…
This experiment was initiated by taking the measurement of an empty graduated cylinder then weighing the mass of the graduated cylinder filled with water. To obtain the actual mass of the water, the mass of the graduated cylinder with water was subtracted by the mass of the empty graduated cylinder. To acquire the density of water, it was important to note that its density varies by temperature. It should also be noted that the actual volume of the water was also determined to be slightly different from the measured volume. After determining the accepted value, the absolute error and percent error were able to be calculated. The absolute error was calculated by subtracting the experimental value by the accepted. The percent error was then determined by subtracting and dividing the experimental value by the accepted value. The Standard Deviation of percent error was then calculated using the formula listed…show more content…
Densities and Percent Concentrations of NaCl Solutions Comments and Conclusions This experiment demonstrated the importance of collecting all necessary data including- but not limited to- measurements and other observations such as temperature. It was also an indication of how crucial it is to calculate any errors to determine the validity of the experimental results. Acknowledgment. I thank my high school biology and physics teachers for igniting my interest in the sciences, they are truly remarkable people that have helped me understand more about the world that we live in. Supporting Information Available: All collected data has been listed above with an exclusion of class results and averages. References 1. Department of Chemistry California State University, Fresno. Chemistry 1A Laboratory Manual, Fall 2015 & Spring 2016, Pg. 15-29, 334-347. 2. Research & Education Association. Chemistry Super Review, 2nd Edition, 2013, Pg.

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