Being Over Fat Research Paper

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How many times have we tried to trick ourselves into accepting that we’re overweight? We’ve use phrases like fluffy, teddybear, thick’ems, pleasingly plumped, chubby, overweight lover, curvaceous, hammy, big’ems, cushion for the pushin, chunky around the middle, cute in the face--thick in the waist, ton of fun, or big-boned, just to name a few. I was guilty of accepting being overweight by saying, “I’m just hamalicious or I’m just chubalicious.” That’s just one of the common mental tricks that I’d tend to try to play, on myself, to make me feel better about being over weight. Whether I wanted to admit it or not, I knew I was FAT! I even felt FAT! The conversation that I had with myself almost everyday, always expressed my feelings…show more content…
Of course, the FAT terms were cute to me when I used them, but whenever I heard someone thinner than me used the terms, it wasn’t so cute anymore. I discovered this when an ex-boyfriend used to call me, A ton of fun. I didn’t like being called, A ton of fun. Whenever I heard someone use any of the those FAT terms, and they weren’t overweight, I’d get very upset with them. Sometimes I’d get so upset that I’d be ready to fight! It always made me feel as though the person that wasn’t over weight, was insulting me by using those terms. I felt like they were using them on purpose, to try to hurt my feelings. In some cases, they were. I knew that the only way that I could shut them up, was by changing the way that I looked. I discovered that one of the worst things that we could do to ourselves, is not be honest with ourselves about our weight. When we’re in denial, we have to keep up a certain image, to make it seem like we’re not in the situation that we’re in. When we ignore the truth about our weight, it causes us to continue to carry out behavior that could add more unhealthy pounds to our weight. I’ve learned that it’s better for us to face the fact that we’re overweight. That’s the only way that we can begin to fix
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