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Being an American means many different things. The concept of being an American means something different to every American. To some it means freedom. In America we have many freedoms like the freedom of speech. These freedoms are luxuries that no everyone else has in other countries. To others being an American means obesity and aggression. In America we have a large population of obese people and someone could definitely form and argument on that is what it means to be an American. America has been involved in wars or conflicts since the country's beginning. However, personally, what it means to be an American to me is being confident. The thing that makes people Americans is their overall confidence in their actions, thoughts, words, and…show more content…
They have overwhelming confidence that is often misplaced. This is shown in, The Things They Carried when Tim O'Brien was confident in his actions during the war. He knew that he could not think twice about his actions. Even more than that he had confidence that his fellow soldiers would take care of him if he were to be injured. The first time that Tim was shot Rat Kiley patched him up good as new with minimal pain for Tim and with the utmost confidence that he would be fine. The second time however, Jorgenson did not have that same confidence that Rat Kiley had when patching up Tim. Jorgenson did not do such a great job helping Tim when he was shot, "Shock, I'd think—how could he forget to treat for shock?" (O'Brien 128). Tim had confidence that the medic would take care of him and make sure he was ok. That we not quite the case though because Jorgenson forgot to treat for shock. He saved Tim from bleeding out, but he almost killed him for not treating for shock. Tim had misplaced confidence as do a lot of Americans. Just like Tim, Americans trust people, that they don't really know, to take care of them. Americans who are able to vote chose who will run the country and tend to be confident that they have made the right choice for the leader of the country. When things go wrong though Americans may see that they had a false sense of confidence. To continue, in The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby was confident that he could get Daisy back. He was confident that he could get her to leave Tom and to run off into the past with him. However, when it all came down to it and there was confrontation over who would get Daisy, Tom or Gatsby, Jay realized that his confidence may have been misplaced, "'She’s not leaving me!' Tom’s words suddenly leaned down over Gatsby. 'Certainly not for a common swindler who’d have to steal the ring he put on her finger.'" (Fitzgerald 97). Gatsby knows that he

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