Summary: The Autobiography Of Malcolm X

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The Autobiography of Malcolm X is a book about the life of Malcolm X from a young age and to his accomplishments. The book begins with Malcolm X as a young boy living with his Mother and Father with his siblings. Malcolm X experienced racism at a young age as it was very common where he lived. His father was even a victim of Racism, as he died by the hands of a white man. Malcolm faced a loss of a parent at a very young age and later on lost his mom to a mental hospital because she went crazy being the mom of many children. With this Malcolm later got in touch with his sister living in Boston named Ella. Ella invited Malcolm to Boston to help him out and Malcolm took the offer and went to Boston to live a new kind of life. At his stay with his sister Ella, He learned many things not all of them being good, and it eventually led him being dragged to jail. He learned how to dance, How to do drugs, and how to get away with robberies. He met a girl named Sophia, who he would later go and rob a house with her but later on get caught. With this, he was sent to jail where he met an inmate named Bimbi. Bimbi inspired Malcolm to learn English with the books they offered at Jail, which Malcolm did learn. Malcolm later left jail, but he left thinking that all whites were evil due to his brother. With this he helped all the Africans Americans have a voice and to speak out for the…show more content…
He spoke out for the rights that he should be guaranteed and the way that the whites were viewing the African Americans. If it wasn’t for Malcolm X and Martin Luther King we may have been seeing things differently, and this is why the nation has changed its view because men like Malcolm fought for these rights. Malcolm X because of his persistence and heart and courage to speak out for the rights of Africans Americans during the civil rights movement was able to achieve of what he dreamed

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