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My mom Viktoria Pascador’s response to the question “What is an American?” is: “A true American is a person who can make a difference in other people’s lives. Being an American makes me feel free, proud, successful, safe, and confident. Americans have the right to speak out their opinion, vote, and practice a chosen religion. You can be whoever you want to be in America. You just have to have the perseverance and desire to achieve success. I was born in Ukraine, and I didn’t have many choices there. In Ukraine, the laws aren’t clearly written and some places are really dangerous. Here in America, the laws keep me feeling safe. Americans have the right to get a good education, the right to justice (in Ukraine, many people get away with very wrong choices). Americans want…show more content…
Here in America, we can choose our religion. You can be yourself and there are going to be people who will support you. America is a big, happy family and we strive to be a good member. The American community is very supportive and fearless. People encourage you to be yourself, which, sadly, some countries do not allow. “Americans are able to achieve and do great things. Other countries don’t have the opportunities that we have here. American means dreamer. In America, the sky’s the limit. Also, American means strong. Americans are individuals who can make an impact on the world, are free, fearless and strong. To me, being American is the greatest thing in the world. Knowing that I am American lightens the everyday burden that life puts on me. We all should be thankful that we live in America.” Americans are very driven people. We get to choose their own destiny, but we must earn it. History proves that Americans, just like everyone else, must work hard to win their battles. But Americans, like my mom said, are a big family and help each other through tough situations. On top of that, we are blessed with many advantages, which, sadly, we often take for

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