The Importance Of Being African-Americans

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When I was little, I did not think much about being African-American. I saw myself as an equal among my peers. My pre-school and elementary school teachers always saw my potential and encouraged me to do my best. They never looked down on me because of my ethnicity. It was not until I reached middle school, when I started to notice people treating me differently because of my ethnic background. As I walked through the halls of my middle school, I started to see racial social groups. Among those groups, I saw my own ethnicity group. I always hung out with my diverse group of friends and assumed everyone had a diverse group of friends as well. I never thought that at even the most diverse schools, they still had racial discrimination. One of the ways I noticed that I was being judged by my ethnicity, was when my peers would tell me that I “act white” or “you do not act black.”…show more content…
After I finished my examination, I realized that “being black” was used in an extremely derogatory way. Before my peers knew me, they assumed that I would not be good at school, use slang, and be obnoxious just like the other students who share my ethnic group. When I did not possess these character traits, my peers were surprised and assumed that I was not African-American without these characteristics. Not only were these stereotypes damaging to African-Americans as whole, but it also discouraged African-Americans from trying to seek higher knowledge and not act
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