The Return Of The Soldier Caste Analysis

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From essentially the beginning of civilization, unequal social classes have existed. In the developed world, unbalanced social classes exist openly. In the United States the classes are broken up into the upper, middle, and lower class. Each class receives a different tax rate. India's caste system has been based on an individual's occupation for centuries. Though the caste system has become less rigid it remains almost impossible to move up in and everyone treats each caste differently. One of the earliest civilizations, Egypt, had a social hierarchy organized into 8 levels with the Pharaoh on top and the workers on the bottom where the Pharaoh lived in a palace and the workers received almost nothing. Social classes are not only prevalent…show more content…
Kitty holds the utmost disgust for Margaret. Margaret disregards this and takes care of Chris. Jenny says that Margaret gather's Chris' soul and "[keeps] it warm in love and peace" (West 70) as she loving cares for him. She is the one who decides that "the truth is the truth . . . and [Chris] must know it" (88). Margaret overcomes Kitty's prejudice that she is only looking for money by caring for Chris and being the one who decides that she will bring him items to regain his memory. Being the one to decide that Chris will be reminded of his dead son is a privilege she gains by proving that she wants only the best for Chris. If she was constricted by Kitty's opinion's, she would have never stayed to help Chris and never help him to regain his memory. She is able to help Chris overcome his memory loss by bringing him a "jersey and the ball" (West 88) that belonged to Chris' dead son. Though, Chris is able to "see as much of [Margaret] as [he] likes" (West 30). However, it is not necessarily a happy ending for Margaret. Although she overcomes the judgment of Kitty, she does so with the loss of her and Chris' relationship. Margaret cares so much for Chris that she is the one who helps him regain his memory. Margaret could have just "let him be" (West 86). This would have let both Margaret and Chris remain happy. Margaret could not do that to Chris, she cares for him too much. In regaining his memory, Chris regains how he ended things with Margaret fifteen years ago and it is then improper for the two to see one another. Their revived relationship ends and Margaret knew this was going to happen when she assisted Chris in attaining his lost memories.

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