Importance Of Being An American Essay

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Being an American means so many different things to so many different people from all over the world.Throughout this unit I have learned so many things and learned about so many people around the world who have a different interruption about being an American and things that represent America. I found this out by reading articles and reading different stories about how people move to America for their own reasons. So in this essay I will talk about the different meanings that people have about being an American. I will also talk about what is the best representation of an American, what the American voice is to me and what being an American is to me and others whose articles i have read throughout this unit. Throughout this whole unit we have read articles and stories about people from all over the world moving to America or wanting to move to America for a better future for themselves or for their children. But I also have done some research on my own like reading different articles online to get more informed about what it means to be an American and what is the American voice. I had to annotate stories and take notes on this unit multiple times. And I also to research stories about people whose lives have changed when they moved to America. I have even ask my Grandparents what it meant to them to be an American when they moved to America.…show more content…
A person who isn’t afraid to reach their goals and extend their limits. A person who goes above and beyond all the rest and never gives up. A person who motivates others and keeps a positive attitude. A person who is hardworking and focus all the time. I think that is best representation of an
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