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Neonatal Nurse Median Salary: $74,000 Neonatal nursing is one of the highest paying nursing specialties. Neonatal nurses are the one to take care of sick babies. If you love taking good care of babies, this job pays you well for doing what you're good at. Did you know that one of your job roles is to help the 'mom to be' ready for motherhood? That's right! This is more likely to happen in teenage pregnancies. Where the mom is too young to be a full-time mom. Gerontological Nurse Practitioner Median Salary: $75,000 Gerontological Nursing is also called geriatrics. The highlight of a geriatric nurse is to care for the elderlies. In a recent case studied, 80% of the people aged 65 and up suffer from chronic diseases. Only 1% of American nurses specialize in the geriatrics. Yet, the demand for continues to grow each year. Nurse Practitioner Median Salary: $76,000…show more content…
Their role varies from treating medical problems to conducting a minor surgery. As a nurse practitioner, you are as well resembling the role of a doctor. You teach and explain medical cases to patients. You interpret and deliver test results and give prescriptions. The flexibility of a nurse practitioner is one of the reasons why its one of the best jobs. A nurse practitioner can work in hospitals, medical centers, hospices, and private homes too. Clinical Nurse Specialist Median Salary: $79,000 Being a clinical nurse specialist is just like playing a registered nurse's role. They only differ one thing when it comes to the field of expertise. If you are a clinical nurse specialist, you must focus on treating exclusive cases. Your can major in pediatrics, emergency medicine, oncology and so on. It is one of the highest paid nursing specialties for its demand. Although, the range of the salary varies in which state you are practicing. Orthopedic Nurse Median Salary:

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