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Beijing and New York Beijing, a city that I lived for eighteen years, and New York, the city where I living now, are both two cities that are important to China and the U.S. Although Beijing and New York are both big cities, they have a lot of differences. The food, the people and the buildings are different. First, the food of Beijing and New York is totally different. When you walk on street of Beijing, you can see many different kinds of Chinese food, such as Chinese hamburger, milk tea, and hotpot. You can have a lot of choices. I remembered that during the high school time almost every morning after I woke up I would went to the small restaurant across the street to buy a fried bread stick and a cup of soybean milk. However, in New York most of the restaurants only have western food. People here always eat bread, hamburgers and hot dogs. When I first came to New York, I was amazed by those dining cars on the street, because most of the dining cars were selling the hotdogs and pretzels. The cafeteria in our school has pizza, hamburgers and hotdogs every day. Though there has rice sometimes, the taste of the rice is so hard.…show more content…
In Beijing you can see many foreign people in international schools or legation quarter, but you occasionally see a foreigner on a street. Most of the social makeup in Beijing is Chinese. Nevertheless, in New York, it seems like people from all over the world form the society. You can see people using different languages talking on the street and you can see people of different colors doing all kinds of works. Many immigrations are from China, Korea, South America, so there are China Town, Korea Town and little

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