Beijing Roasted Duck Research Paper

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"There are two things you must do in Beijing: eat Beijing Roast Duck and see the Great Wall” (Wu). China has many world famous dishes, fried rice, chow mein, and dumplings are a couple of examples. In America we have many Chinese restaurants, but they are not very authentic. The Americanized Chinese food is missing a lot of key ingredients and serving methods that the authentic Chinese restaurants have. Authentic Chinese food has many elements that goes into having the perfect taste and presentation of all their dishes. One very famous Chinese dish is the Beijing Roasted Duck. This dish is known worldwide and, apparently, is very delicious. This meal is a whole duck that is roasted with fruity hardwood fuel to make it fruity tasting and have a dark red and brown color. “When roasting the duck, compressed air is injected into the duck between its skin and flesh to make the skin glossy and shiny” (Wu). When the duck is roasting, the cooks inject compressed air in between the skin and meat.…show more content…
Usually in Chinese foods, not in made China, the country will incorporate their own spices. “For example, Americans usually prefer beef, chicken, pork, shrimp, dairy, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, celery, Western big onions, rice and wheat noodles. So the ‘Chinese’ food people usually get there is made from these and served on rice or noodles or in a soup” (Hinsbergh). Each country put their own pin on each international dish they serve, based on their own popular spices. China has a lot of spices that we don’t use in America. In China they use different types of fungi, sea vegetables, exotic sea creatures, and insects. In America you find salt and pepper on the table. “You usually won't find any salt, pepper, tomato sauce, or mustard on the table in a Chinese restaurant” (Kelly). In China they don’t have any sauces or seasonings on the table. In America, chefs try their hardest to duplicate authentic Chinese

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