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Alicia Fox had been away from the WWE a few months now, 6 to be exact and things were finally starting to look up for the 29 year-old, today marked the day that Alicia would have a meeting with WWE to discuss getting her back and ready for the ring, it had been a while since Alicia had done anything for company so she knew she would be starting from the bottom of the division and knew she would have to be competitive. Alicia Fox has had a tough year or two not only with the WWE but in her personal life as well, having taken several periods of time of from the WWE, but now everything just seemed so right and Alicia knew that this was possibly be her last stint in the company due to her age so she wasn't going to let anything get in her way, in her mind it was now to rise the ranks and become…show more content…
Alicia felt rude for not sitting down, so she walked over to Hunters's desk at sat down in one of the chairs that was there, she was so excited about finally stepping back into the ring again, she was all ears for what the WWE had in store for her. Triple H: Well I am glad your excited, we are quite excited to, the main reason I called you into my office today was to discuss a plan of action with you, first on the agenda is weather your a heel or face? Alicia Fox: I have been a face for most of my career here in the WWE so....If it's ok I wanna go down the path of a heel for my return I wanna bring out the fiery vixen in me. Alicia giggles at him as Hunter nods his head seemingly agreeing with her, he then quickly rights something down before look back up at Alicia. Triple H: I think a fiery and nasty vixen is just what the company needs right for you to say you want to be a heel sounds just about perfect Alicia, next on my list is matches you wanna prepare yourself for your return or you want to be put straight back into the

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