Brief Summary Of The Escape By Pablo Fiasco

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Pablo’s Escape Everything seemed to be perfect until they found him. Every one on the ship was finding a way to escape alive. Gunshots were fired and people were falling dead, it looked like a scene from a movie, but this was real. Pablo Sanchez thought he was finally safe and no one would find him but it was to good to be true. Though he was in danger Sanchez wasn’t giving up so he ran and jumped off the ship to survive once again. Everything started when he wanted to bring peace to California. Pablo is very young man with a bright future. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. His parents were Mexican so he was Chicano. He was the oldest of four siblings and all his younger siblings looked up to him; they all wanted to be like their big brother. Everyone always loved him even till now no one has had something against him. He was only 21 and had just finished College and was already a lawyer. His first case was tough but he knew he could win. Being apart of that case was a huge mistake; it was about to ruin…show more content…
Pablo was able to get on the ship and leave without seeing any of the criminals. For a moment Pablo sat and tried to relax. An hour later he thought everything was going to be ok nothing was happening everything was calm. Had he really gotten away and survived he thought to himself. Pablo was sitting down looking at the ocean he finally felt safe he didn’t have to live in fear any longer. As everything seemed perfect people started to scream. Pablo heard gunshots. They had found him. He looked down the ship and noticed that the criminals were on smaller boats and they were climbing on the ship. People were running everywhere they were trying to hid and survive but a lot of them were being killed. He didn’t know what to do or where to go. One of the killers saw him and started chasing him. Pablo ran and hid in the kitchen of the ship. He wasn’t giving up. He was thinking of what

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