Qualitative Observation Of A Chemical Reaction Lab

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Breanna Kinley Ms. Linsey Chemistry Pd 5 6 October 2014 Qualitative Observation of a Chemical Reaction Purpose To understand a qualitative observation of a chemical reaction. Question How does a flame burn? Hypothesis If you burn Paraffin then it will undergo a combustion reaction. Materials 250 mL beaker Cobalt chloride paper scissors 250 mL Erlenmeyer flask Aluminum Paper 10 mL graduate 2 glass squares safety goggles test tube tongs toothpick beaker tongs string Method The lab performance overall was good. Performing many experiments, with my lab partners, to observe and interpret the burning candle. Ms.Lindsey, the teacher, gave equipment which was use…show more content…
Without the wick the flames would go out, it allows for the wax to reach the flame. When the aluminum is placed between the liquid and the wick, the wick will burn more slowly due to the blockage of transportation from the wax to the flame. What two substance are indicated by the cobalt chloride and limewater tests? Is it possible the other substances are produced when the candle burns? Explain. a. The substance indicated by cobalt chloride test was H2O and the limewater test was for CO2. It is not possible for other substances to be produced when the candle burns unless it is an incomplete combustion. Give an example from this lab illustrating the difference between the observation and an interpretation a. An interpretation of the candle lab would be finding out how the object, the unlighted candle, would play in the Lab. An observation of the candle lab would be deciding the appearance, odor, and feel of the unlighted candled. This shows the difference between interpreting and

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