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Be whoever you want to be! You can do anything you set your mind to! Do what you love! Invent your life! One of those sentences just doesn’t seem to fit quite right with the others. The first three statements I have seen on more than a few supportive cards sent from Grama or my Aunt Mary. However the last statement, I had never seen before I read William Deresiewicz’s Excellent Sheep. This statement however, brought up more question of myself then it offered answers or advice. For in the reading all these conformities are mentioned, it was really along the lines of a check list, I’m defiantly following this one, I could fit in this one, and I didn’t even consider that path. So by these statements, statements that put me into box, or a path…show more content…
These men mean to challenge us, to force us to look at our lives and uncover what we are really doing with them as well as to ask ourselves if we are even living. One can go through life just barely living, no passion, no excitement, going day in and day out without ever questioning themselves and why they are doing what they’re doing and what is the point to it all. In Excellent Sheep Deresiewicz shares with us stories of people, all which have graduated or attend Ivy League schools who, by societies standards, are successful and wealthy, and each of them have the same message. They are unhappy in their situation, unhappy in their life. However these people examined their lives and realized this, and changed something in their lives to attempt to make themselves more comfortable in their lives. For one it was to quit her job as a climate researcher in Brazil making a very good salary, and to start a small restaurant, to experience what it would be like, to explore other paths of life. I believe that Socrates and Deresiewicz mean to challenge us to look at the world and ask of ourselves what do we want out of

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