Working At The Candy Factory-Personal Narrative

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It all started when I heard a knock at the door and I went to go answer, and when I got there nobody was there. I went on with my day and when I was getting ready to go to work I ran into my dog and broke his leg, but he's okay now. When I finished with my pet unicorn I went to work at the candy factory. I am the person who puts the candy in the the packages. Most if them time I end up eating some of the candy before it gets the the packages but that's okay becuase most people don't count anyway. When I got home I couldn't find my pet dog and got very sad, so I decided I better go to bed, but I heard this knock on the door like I did this morning and I got suspicious. I thought that maybe if ran to my coach and then I looked though the blinds of the window I would see who was pulling…show more content…
I decided to run really fast and as I look through my window and I saw this guy wearing a batman cape and he looked normal nothing like batman. I couldn't believe me eyes so I just went up stairs and let it all sink in. I didn't answer the door I didn't do anything. When I work up that morning I still couldn't get the though of him out of my head. It looked like I have seen him before, but I couldn't understand where. When I went to work I saw my boss and he had the cape in his office. When it was lunch break I went into his office and took the cape to see if he was going to be there tonight with the cape and then I left before any body could see me. When I for home I waited for him to come and he did. He knocked in the door and asked him if I had seen his cape. At first I didn't understand why he came to my house and asked me. I wonder if he knew I took it. It turns out he didn't and went to the everybody's

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