Las Mariposas: The Mirabal Sisters

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Most women conform in the role that society places them; passive victims of fate. The Mirabal sisters were not afraid to break the mold and create change in the history of the Dominican Republic. Their journey and struggles shaped who they were. Everyone looked up to them and saw them as role models for women. They lived during a time where a very strong dictator took power, Rafael Trujillo. They rebelled against his rule and incurred his wrath. Their deaths and rebellion were the two main events that impacted and shaped their lives. The Mirabal sisters also known as “Las Mariposas” (The Butterflies) were four dominican women from a town in Salcedo called Ojo de Agua near La Vega. The sisters grew up in an affluent family. They were well cultured and educated women. They were daughters of Enrique Mirabal Fernandez and Mercedes “chea” Reyes Camilo. The sisters were looked up as heroes after they stood out…show more content…
They were political activists. After Trujillo came to power, their family lost almost everything they had. One of the sisters which was Minerva decided to end the dictatorship of Trujillo and got involved in the anti-trujillo movement. Trujillo fell in love with Minerva after he danced with her at one of his parties she visited. Minerva was in the university studying law and since she rejected Trujillo's romantic advances; he decided that she wasn’t allowed to continue with her studies. Her and her sisters followed suit and formed a group of opponents to go against him. The movement was known as “The Butterflies.” Minerva and her sister Antonia Maria Teresa were continuously imprisoned and tortured. Trujillo made their lives a living hell. He even went after their husbands and put them in jail. Even though Trujillo arrested them many times they still didn’t give up and pursued their relentless struggle for their rights. Trujillo thought there was nothing else to do but to kill

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