Narratological Theories In League Of Legends

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The ever-increasing role of digital media in our daily life has encouraged the exploration of video games within literature and media studies. The approach towards this technological form of narration is exceedingly evolving among scholars, because it poses emerging challenging narratological methodologies in the field. In narratology, theories that commenced developing centuries ago through written texts, progressed in the last decades to visual media, and are recently being applied to transmedia storytelling. Numerous narratological terminologies can be discerned from the fictional worlds, enabling narratologists to apply and develop theories within this dynamic new media. For this paper’s purpose, I will use League of Legends; a multiplayer online battle arena video game, to compare between literary texts and digital media, drawing the similarities between the different mediums, thus broadening the realm of narratology beyond language.…show more content…
In addition, Riot Games, the game publisher, started releasing short high quality animations, each presenting a new scene and enlivening the champions that get to tell their own stories through visual media. The game combines three mediums of narrative, equipping gamers to experience a “realistic” notion of this impossible fictional world, making the game much more

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