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Bonnie & Clyde During the 1920’s Bonnie and Clyde were the center of focus for Texas authorities. Wanted for multiple crimes including petty thievery, gas station hold ups, Grand Theft Auto, kidnapping and even murder. Many individuals were enthralled in the hunt. During the 1920’s many mobsters and crime in general boomed. However one couple in particular enthralled thousands in the south. Bonnie & Clyde were a deadly and dynamic duo at the beginning of the Great depression, who captured the minds of American society. Bonnie Parker was born in 1910 in Rowena, Texas. She grew up in the suburbs of Dallas however. Bonnies’ early life was stricken with poverty . Although she managed to be an excellent student and excelled in academics especially…show more content…
Bonnie and Clyde had suffered from multiple injuries which were noted on the warrant for their arrest. Clyde had a bullet wound in each of his legs right above the knee. Meanwhile Bonnie had severe burns on her side from a crash during their time on the run. Often times the pair would run into trouble when visiting family, or even when laying low. In late 1932 the Barrow Gang were cooped up in a small apartment in Missouri when police raided it. Officers discovered Bonnie's’ poems “Suicide Sal” and “the story of Bonnie and Clyde” as well as multiple photos of Bonnie and Clyde posing with guns and…show more content…
There were attempts of plans to capture Bonnie and Clyde although the couple escaped numerous times. Eventually the authorities found the lead they had needed. The Methvin had been harboring Bonnie and Clyde for a short period of time and “Methvin's father betrayed the famous outlaws… for his sons amnesty” (FBI). Henry Methvin had escaped prison when Clyde broke out of Eastham and Bonnie and Clyde had become acquainted with the Methvin family. On May 23rd 1934 a group of officers including Frank Hamer ambushed Bonnie and Clyde in Louisiana. The infamous couple was killed instantly in a spray of bullets. The Barrow Gang was finally

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