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Religion in Sport Dating back to the 1500s, religion soon became a part of sport and it still is today. It started back as early as the Pilgrims and now shown on TV today as teams huddle around before a big game or when the game is finished and there is the point to the sky in victory. Religion has become and grown to be a part of sport in its own unique ways. There are many similar and differences with religion now as it was back then; religion in sport was more negative back then but now seen as a more positive impact on athletes today. Religious actions are still seen in sport today throughout all levels of experience and I believe that having religious views as a part of sport are a good thing. Religion has impacted sports since the…show more content…
Religious and profit motives seemed to have an impression on all types of physical activity and sport that was either accepted or prohibited when the first colonies were established. Read from the book, it is said that the Pilgrims were one of the main motives of American’s attitude toward sports today. A quote from the book states that Pilgrims encoded modern American attitude towards sports and specifically ethnic sports (Sport 11). Sports are different now than they were back then. Dress codes were different as well as the competiveness for sports. Back then, players just played to play for the competitive side, today, the players are in for the money. There are still similarities with sport and religion today as it was back in the early 1700s and 1800s. In regarding to the Church of England, the rule of Queen Elizabeth, she had influenced religious viewpoints about sport in the new colonies (Sport 13). Horse racing and tennis were most popular among the King and Queen. Horse racing…show more content…
Religion plays an important part in the world and especially with something as popular as sports. Religion is seen as being mixed into sport. Players participate in pre-game prayers, positive and negative. Today you rarely will see games begin without a huddle of players on the sidelines to recite a prayer/wish before the main event (Tsakoumakis). Players also thank God for a victory after a game, or pray for the well being of a player if he/she was injured on a play. Religion, I feel, is a main aspect of sporting events. Today, I think that religion is a neutral mix when it comes to sports. I read in an article that praying before a game could be seen as negative; people get carried away with the sports side and the idea of winning, that they may even pray negatively towards their opponents. No one can say they haven’t at least once hoped for the other opponent to break their leg in a soccer game, or miss a putt on the putting green. It is easy for people to sometimes get caught up with the violent nature and longing to tear down the other opponent (Tsakoumakis). I also have mixed emotions about religion being a part of sport. I do not agree and believe is has a negative impacts on sport today when there are some athletes and players who haven’t been seen participating in certain sporting events or other physical activity, in order to put religion before anything. However, even though there is a dispute

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