Richard Florida's The Rise Of The Creative Class

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Many people are unaware of what the creative class is when they first hear about it. The creative class is a term that was coined by Richard Florida in 2002 when he released his book. It is a socioeconomic group of people that are placed into the class because of their creative and useful skills. The creative class has had a large influence on migration and economic patterns including where those in the creative class live, why they moved there, what they do with their free time, and how and if it stimulates the economy of the cities they live in. The creative class is a socioeconomic class of people grouped together because they all share the same type of skills. The idea of the creative class was introduced by Richard Florida and became popular when he released his book “The Rise of the Creative Class”. People in the creative class are typically hired in jobs that encourage creativity such as engineers, artists, architects, science, and computer programming. The rest of the working population is broken up into three different categories for a total of four classes. Florida says that in addition to the creative class, there is the service class, the working class, and people working in agriculture. The service class, as defined by…show more content…
Those smaller categories include the super creative core, bohemians, and creative professionals. The super creative core are considered the “highly creative” group of the three and are the people who work in jobs such as physicians, engineers, or economists. The bohemians are more so the free spirits of the class and are typically artists, musicians, and interior designers. The creative professionals are the organizational people and typically have careers like politicians, financial advisors, and stock brokers. When Florida wrote his book he expected these types of fields to be growing

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