Adam Goodes Ape: Discrimination In Australia

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Recently, there was an incident happened. Our popular representative for football, Adam Goodes was being called ''ape''. It’s really shocking when I got to know it involved a 13 year-old young girl. The girl was frustrated and angry at her team’s poor play, and yelled out at Adam Goodes, calling him an ‘ape’. I believed that Goodes was visibly shocked and upset at this racially charged abuse just like how we feel. I was disappointed when this had raised up a hot issue between the Aboriginals and other, where some people said that calling Adam Goodes an 'ape' was not a racist slur and 'ape' was just a general term. However, we all knew that they were calling us 'ape' because of our culture. We lived in the jungle. Therefore, the White Australians…show more content…
Today, Australia is a multicultural society and becomes the product of multiple waves of immigration. It is becoming more socially oriented, tolerant, and culturally diverse. ‘There is less discrimination and more understanding. And we are on the way to our ideal future.’ It all sounds very enthusiastic, but the truth is that discrimination will never be eliminated. People always tend to attack somebody who is different; in this case they feel fewer moral scruples about being negative to somebody who is of the same type. We are Aboriginals. We are different from the majority in this country. We do not live in modern lifestyle. Does this mean that we should be treated differently? No. We are indeed from different ethnics, but we are the citizens of the same country, the outstanding culture of different ethnics is the common wealth of everyone. Everyone deserves equal rights. So what does equality mean? From a legal and moral point of view, equality is each person receiving the same respect, treatment, opportunities and…show more content…
Australian government has created protective policy for us is the strongest evidence which they think that Aboriginals are not capable to survive or live in the continually changing world. But we all know ourselves better. We have our own lifestyle and cultures. And we are more comfortable with our lifestyle. By Human Rights, the non-Indigenous can’t force us to follow their modern lifestyle. Therefore, we should stand up and do something, to contribute to our country. For instance, we can utilise our living skills in the jungle more fully as we have the advantages. I believe we would have a better understanding and interaction with the environment. With our effort, we can improve our lifestyle in an organized, protected area at the same time protect the natural environment of our country. We will have the potential to build up strong and stable Indigenous community, to protect the Protected Areas for conservation as part of Australia's network of protected areas which will benefit all Australians in the future and bridge the

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