Lgbt Family Thesis

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BASTA TITLE PAGE TO Submitted to: Prof. Ryan Glenn Conda Submitted by: Calura, Priscilla Anne A. Capada, Eleisha Kyla M. Ramos, Alynna Clarisse S. Selda, Caren C. Tamayo, Edgardo Jr. Working thesis LGBT couples are able to raise children properly because they can give love and care just as a normal couple. Introduction The Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender/Transsexual (LGBT) community today is getting more and more acknowledgements. They have had made big revolutionary movements. These include, but not limited to, the same-sex marriage and parenting. However, the LGBT members are facing some discrimination when it comes on parenting – well, in almost all fields there are still have discrimination. They are often questioned on their…show more content…
The thing about LGBT couples is that gender roles is almost non-existent, anyone in that relationship can be the father figure or the mother figure. Of course there are people who'd disagree on that kind of thinking because they're still stuck in the 20th century where a father figure must be a guy or the mother figure must be a girl, it's like a family revolves around genitals instead of the capability of a person to raise a kid. What does a father do mostly in the family? Generally, they're the ones who go to work, provide the needs of everyone in the household. How about a mother? They take care of the household and the…show more content…
If people are worried about that kid being raised by a LGBT couple about being bullied then it's not the kid's parents fault but rather the people around him raised by homophobes. LGBT couples can raise children just as good as straight ones because sexual orientation of the parents does not hinder their capability of raising a child. Many kids who are raised by LGBT couples tend to do well in school and are more accepting and open-minded than most people. It's not like the kids are being raised by animals or aliens, they are still being raised by human beings who just have a different sexual orientation, it does not matter if they are homo or hetero, what matters is how they raise the child. In our research, we want to know and prove if LGBT couples are able to raise children properly and if they can give love and care just as a normal couple. Our research wants to boost the personality and dignity of the LGBT’s in terms of

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