Co-Ed Basketball Game Analysis

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It was my first game for an intramural Co-Ed basketball game and a common play happened that had drastic results. A girl on the other team drove past her defender and was driving straight towards the hoop. Being the closet defender I shifted towards the key to prevent her from scoring the basketball. Suddenly people starting yelling at me to get out of the way. In pure confusion I learned that help side defense is discouraged. Not only discouraged but that I received a personal foul, the opposition got rewarded two points, and the girl got to shoot two free throws. By the end of this play, with clarification of the rules, the other team had just scored 6 points. Surprisingly enough that’s just one absurd rule that’s currently in the BYU rulebook for Co-Ed basketball. There are plenty more rules that make you truly wonder if you’re playing basketball anymore. The current rules set up by BYU are ridiculous and need to be changed because playing this game is exceedingly frustrating and also has unreasonable consequences.…show more content…
If the male is in a 6-foot radius and is perceived to be guarding her a personal foul is given. Supposing that she shoots the ball, while he’s in this radius, she is given two points, two free throws, and if basket is made then those points count as well. On the occasion that she has a wide open fast break lay-in, the male defender has to get out of the way and watch. If he attempts to defend the open lay-in and breaks the 6-foot radius, he automatically receives a technical foul. Just for trying to play defense. A natural part of the

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