Yes You Ve Always Been Cruelly Frank Analysis

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1. "'Well, we're all mortal,' said the shipowner, 'and the old must make way for the young, otherwise there would be no promotion'" (Dumas 2). Monsieur Morrel is talking to Edmond Dantes about the captain's death. The quote is especially blunt and realistic, but also likeably refreshing. It is an idea that brings about the scary truth that everyone must grow old and die, but also a uplifting truth that if someone leaves a new one will replace him or her to hopefully make things better. 2. "'Yes, you've always been cruelly frank with me'" (Dumas 12). Fernand is speaking to Mercedes about her honesty. I found it funny how he used the words "cruelly frank" implying that her rejection hurts him, even though he hasn't completely accepted the rejection…show more content…
I think this quote is significant because it reveals Edmond's innocence and ignorance. Villefort cares about himself and that is okay as long as it isn't at the expense of someone else. In this case, Edmond was at the short end of the stick so Villefort told a little white lie to save his reputation and to take Edmond's freedom away for merely for awhile. This is where Edmond first noticed people were not as trustworthy as he thought, and his eyes were also opened to notice that even those that are innocent get blamed and punished. 7. "'Oh, yes,' said the king, smiling, 'I was forgetting that you're not on good terms with Monsieur Noirtier, which is another sacrifice to the royal cause for which I must reward you'" (Dumas 38). King Louis XVIII is talking to Monsieur de Villefort. Monsieur Noirtier is Monsieur de Villefort's father. I think it is absolutely terrible that political preferences kept a man and his son apart. What could the King have done to turn a Villefort away from his father? Or how cruel was the Monsieur Noirtier to make his son despise being around him? Family can be created by people without the same blood, but similarly people with the same blood do not always act as

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