The Pros And Cons Of Snowboarding

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Two households both alike in dignity from ancient grudge break to new mutiny… As the sport grew in popularity, so did the hatred from the antithetical slope seekers, many skiers viewed snowboarders; with their unconventional baggy clothes as punks who had no place on the more refined slopes. In the late 1970s most ski resorts banned snowboarding altogether! In the handful that allowed it, skiers complained about nearly getting stampeded by aggressive snowboarders. However it was soon realised that resorts where losing revenue and so now all but some resorts are open to snowboarders. What you see to the left is not a survivor of what appears to be some post-apocalyptic freak accident but rather what is perceived to be the vast growing of the…show more content…
Then welcome to snowboarding. Although it shares a common factor with its partner on the slopes, snowboarding is more closely related to skateboarding and surfing than skiing. Snowboarding first made its name in the 1960s once restless surfers and skateboarders alike where itching to satisfy their element defying addiction all year-round and so turned from the flow of water and smooth concrete in the summer to the high-altitude crisp white powder in the winter. Snowboarding didn’t really take off until the 1960s where contraptions were manufactured with two skies placed adjacently and bolted together accompanied by a piece of rope to aid with the steering - the operator was given the term ‘Snurfer’ (a combination of snow and surfer). Thus the birth of a new era of snow sports began. One of the most famous snowboarders, Jake Burton Carpenter was a skier when he purchased his first Snurf and he soon began modifying it, like Mozart composing his last symphony. Strips of rubber bound his feet to the board, granting more freedom of movement as board and rider now co-existed as one. In 1977, he started his own company, Burton Snowboards, which helped lead to the 1979 demise of the Snurfer and the rise of the

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