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5. Phonetic chunks We tried to demonstrate that the group of words labelled as cliticoids plays an important role in spoken discourse. At the same time, their pronunciation is not easy to handle for the L2 students of Mandarin, since the reduced forms of the cliticoids are quite difficult both to pronounce and to perceive. Moreover the correct choice between the full form and reduced form has to be made. It follows that these words deserve to be devoted special care in L2 teaching. A method for exercising the unstressed pronunciation of the cliticoids is suggested below. The students may practise very short 2-3 syllabic word strings which: – contain the unstressed forms of the cliticoids – function as rather stable, frequently repeated units…show more content…
The list below is arranged according to the parts of speech the cliticoids belong to. Particular structure is presented in a form of a flat table. The alternants within one slot are divided by a slash. The optional items are in the brackets. The examples of phonetic chunks are arranged by their stress patterns. The list of the structures is not necessarilly exhaustive. Also note that in completed longer sentences other elements may be inserted into the structure. For two neighbouring cliticoids () see section 5.3. 1. PERSONAL PRONOUNS as a subject personal pronoun verb / adjective (sentence particle) / (noun) •l nǐ qù 你去, nǐ hǎo 你好 •l• wǒ zhīdào 我知道, tā lái le 他来了 •ll tā fǎnduì 他反对, nǐ kāi ménr 你开门儿! as an object transitive verb personal pronoun l• mà tā 骂他, dǎ wǒ 打我 l•• máfan nǐ 麻烦你, xǐhuan tā 喜欢他 as an attribute personal pronoun noun •l wǒ gē 我哥, wǒ mā 我妈 •l• wǒ gēge 我哥哥, wǒ māma 我妈妈 2. CLASSIFIERS numeral / demonstrative pronoun classifier (noun) l• wǔ gè 五个, zhè běn 这本 l•l wǔ gè rén 五个人, zhè běn shū 这本书, zhè xiē shū 这些书 3. CONJUNCTIONS noun / personal pronoun conjunction noun / personal pronoun l•l wǒ hé tā 我和他, wǒ gēn tā 我跟他, māo hé gǒu 猫和狗 4. PREPOSITIONS preposition personal pronoun / noun / place word •l gěi tā 给他, zài nàr 在那儿, dào nǎr? 到哪儿? •ll zài xuéxiào 在学校, zài Běijīng在北京 •l• zài lǐmian 在里面, gěi bàba 给爸爸 5. POSTPOSITIONS noun postposition l• shù shàng 树上, líng xià 零下, hǎi lǐ

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