Barbie And Her Many Influences

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Barbie and Her Many Influences Barbie is the main doll in the marketplace and has been very popular for some time now. Her body and looks influences little girls on how they look at themselves. Barbie can be considered a good role model by teaching the young girls that they can do anything, considering Barbie has done every occupation. Barbie influences little girls based on how she looks, can give them false image by showing girls to be materialistic, and can make them gain some insecurities about themselves. Despite all the body images of Barbie, there is way more than just looks here. Among many other things, Barbie’s influence can go both ways towards negative and positive. Even though there is a lot of controversy over Barbie and her…show more content…
One reason is because she is materialistic. Everything that Barbie owns is pink, and a high quality product. She has many items that are blingy and a must die for item according the female world. Not every girl can be like Barbie and afford to have every top brand item, that most girls are dying to have. Also, it is shown as one of the biggest controversies of Barbie, which is her unrealistic body. “During two studies with both boys and girls with their early childhood playing with the Barbie doll, it is shown that she has positive and negative roles for girls developments.” (Kuther) By this girls look at Barbie and automatically think that this is how they should look, especially as they get older. “About 162 girls aged five to eight that were around or seen the Barbie doll have a tendency to have a lower self esteem and want a thinner body figure than average girls that played among other things or dolls.” (Dittmar) This can lead girls into many things starting with their self esteem, and can quickly go down when they look at Barbie’s perfect figure. Her little waist, large breasts, and long skinny legs is what every girl could ever want to look like, which not every girl could ever look like that. By looking at Barbie and her flawless image, can damage some girls self esteem, even though they will overcome all these…show more content…
Compromising everything involved with Barbie is not as bad as everyone thinks. All in all, Barbie is harmless to little girls. Even though, most say she is a bad influence and cause them self esteem issues, but eventually as the girls get older all those thoughts disappear and become nonexistent to them. They can look at her and ignore her body image, or just tell little girls that no girl is that size or can ever be that size. Then, all the bad thoughts are gone and they continue to play with them in a happy way. Seems that Barbie’s main purpose is for girls to play with them, and just use their imagination and

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