Barbie In Today's Society

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America is a culture defined by physical beauty and perfection. Society presents irrepressible standards on women in the United States in terms of beauty and perfection. When turning the television, flipping through magazines, surfing the web, or scrolling through social media you are immediately surrounded by this “perfect" image that society has set as an acceptable standard for women. The problem with this is that children look up to the people that they see on TV, in movies, magazines, and on the internet and they strive to be just like them — to look like them and to act like them. Girls begin to wonder how are they really supposed to look. They begin to feel vulnerable and put pressure on themselves. Children feel that the closer they come to acquiring this “perfection” of the cultural icons set before them, the more socially acceptable they will become. What we fail to realize is the fact that most people do not resemble this “perfect" image. Most young girls do not…show more content…
Barbie has become the ultimate symbol of femininity in the United States.Barbie is role model for girls all around the world — however, she does not represent the average American women. Barbies were designed to have bodies that are seen to be flawless and ideal by society, placing intangible expectations on young girls all over the world. Children are heavily influenced by society's appeals, and Barbie inevitably becomes a personification of all that is desirable and expected in our society. Barbie has negatively influenced females worldwide by lowering self-confidence, destroying ideals of healthy and realistic body image, and making girls unsatisfied with less than perfect expectations for material possessions and circumstances in life. In our society if a woman does not meet this criteria, then she is
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