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INTRODUCTION A. Rationale Bananas are an all-time favorite fruit of the Filipinos. In fact, it is the most consumed fruit in the world and the fourth most important staple food worldwide and fifth most important agricultural product after cereals, sugar, coffee and cocoa (Heslop-Harrison, 2010). According to a study, farmers harvest bananas when they are in the “mature green” stage of ripening and treated with ethylene to quicken ripening before the bananas are distributed. Musa acuminata (Bananas), with its natural composition, rot and spoil in a short period of time. Bananas usually ripen within 4 to 5 days after ethylene treatment (Ahmed & Palta, 2015). There are some studies that may suggest that some seaweeds have the ability to reduce…show more content…
racemosa extract to bananas is to prolong its shelf-life. Therefore, it will be beneficial to farmers and for people who consume banana in any form. Since the Philippines remains to be the second largest producer of bananas worldwide, the demand for the bananas from the Philippines is high. This study would be helpful even for the countries that rely on us for our bananas because when the bananas reach their country, it would still be suitable for their consumption. Once this happens, the demand for these bananas would increase even further. B. Objectives The main concern of this study is to evaluate the effects of the aqueous extract of Caulerpa racemosa in the shelf-life and quality of Musa acuminata. Specifically, the study also aims to: (1) Determine the effects of varying concentrations (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%) of the aqueous extract solution of C. racemosa in the shelf-life and quality of M. acuminata (2) Evaluate the effects of dipping time (2 minutes & 4 minutes) in the shelf-life and quality of M. acuminata (3) Determine the physicochemical parameters such as physiological weight loss, color, disease severity, disease incidence, and pH that will affect the shelf-life and quality of M. acuminata MATERIALS AND METHODS 1.0 Collection and

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