Banana Plant Research Paper

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Pests and diseases are among most important factor in every crop production. Therefore, banana production also been affected by pests and diseases. This is why banana plant can having low yields, which is decreasing in yields production. There are many diseases that having by banana which are bunchy top, Panama disease, Black Sigatoka, Anthracnose, Rhizome soft rot, Banana leaf rust, Leaf speckle, Crown rot, Fruit speckle, Yellow Sigatoka, and Burrowing nematode .The diseases can attack the plant root, leaves and others part of the plant. The major diseases for banana crop are Panama disease and Black Sigatoka. The cause of the Panama disease is by fungus Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. The plant can be affected by this fungus when it infect the…show more content…
This disease is caused by Mycosphaerella fifiensis var. difformis which was spread by wind. Black Leaf Streak was first found on 1963 in Sigatoka Valley of Fiji. This is important disease to banana plant because it was reported that in the Sula Valley of Honduras, there are about 3 000 000 boxes of banana were loses annually by Black Sigatoka. This disease can causes yield loses 50% or more which also shows reduction of leaf area, and premature ripening of banana. In order to control this disease, the growers required high cost which most of the grower are unable to pay for it. Therefore, by use of biotechnology to produce a new variety that resistant to Black Sigatoka can help grower increase their yield and reduce their cost of fungicide to control this disease. Same goes to the diseases, insect pest also important to banana plant production. There are many insect pest that attack the plants such as Banana aphid, Coconut scale, Banana weevil, and Banana Stem Borer. But the major cause of yield loses are Banana weevil and Banana stem…show more content…
This insect pest come from Curculionidae that serious reported in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Indonesia. Banana stem borer is robust, reddish-brown or black weevil and have length of 1.3 to 2 cm when adult. Banana plant was damaged by both adult and grubs but grubs are most destructive to the plant. The grubs infect by feed the plant tissues and then bore into pseudo stem. When a large number of grubs attack a banana plant, the pseudo stem become weak and easily fell especially blow by strong wind. Banana stem borer can causes yield losses about 10-90% depending on the growth

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