The Ties That Bind In Fences By August Wilson Maxson

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Degree to weather Troy is likable or not The vision of a good guy good in today’s world is a strong, loving, loyal man, who creates opportunities for his children and give his wife and child the best he can. Theses traits create a likeable image in society and a model father and citizen. In Fences by August Wilson Troy Maxson, a father of three, is a straightforward guy that means well but sometimes pushes it too far. Sometimes Troy is harsh on his family but when it comes down to it Troy does his best for them because he wants the best from them. Troy is considered likable to some degree because of his troubled childhood, but the way he treat his wife and son Cory is not right and he doesn't have much sympathy for them. Troy had a struggled upbringing when growing up and went through some tough times with his parents. Troy…show more content…
Stated in the article “The Ties That Bind” “Troy’s youth is founded in lost and betrayal; his escape into manhood and a fresh beginning is halted by a fifteen-year prison sentence. Troy Maxson had a tough time growing up in a single parent home”(The Ties That Bind).This supports the argument of the way Troy turned out to be and act was heavily affected by his childhood. Also in outburst with one of his sons, Cory Troy states “Go on now! You got the devil in you…”, Cory replies “You just a crazy old man…” and Troy says “... If you dont’ get on the other side of that yard … I’m gonna show you how crazy I am…”(Wilson II,iv, 87). This implies a threat from Troy that he is going to beat Cory up if he doesnt leave his backyard.

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