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I’ve seen things. Awful things. Today, you will learn the first part of what happened when I was young. I haven't been the same since this happened. Before the seventh grade, I never believed in bad things. I just could not picture them actually happening to people, so I never connected them with reality. They usually passed through my mind like a vague dream. I don’t know why I thought that way; I could be an empathetic person once you got to know me. I had a somewhat unremarkable life with my dad and my bratty 7-year old brother in the suburbs. The only part of my life that left an imprint on my calloused soul was mother’s premature death. It is still a mystery to us how she lost her life so quickly. I never got full closure. This…show more content…
It wasn’t your average, run-of-the-mill project. Each student had to write a horror story. We were even going to go tour an abandoned, and supposedly haunted, mill to “get our creative juices flowing.” as my teacher had put it. I had previously read up on a lot on paranormal things, but I never got into the whole paranormal/horror scene. It had always seemed nonsensical. I had never been that creative; I was always a very rational person before this happened. I wasn't even scared of horror movies. Whenever I watched or read horror saw only what was wrong or impractical about it, adding to my unconcerned approach to our trip. The next day, my class took the much dreaded tour. I never expected to get as frightened as I did. My first impression of the mill wasn’t great. It was maybe 40 feet tall by 40 feet wide. It was so long the length could not be accurately estimated. The exterior of the mill was covered in antiqued wood. The building had a clear lack of effort in its appearance, it’s paint managing to extract itself from the rotting wood in many places. A giant wheel hung loosely from the side of the building; nearly towering to reach the height of the mill. A crazy-eyed, scraggly old man stood in the shadows of the seemingly ancient mill. Dressed head to toe in oversized fishing garb; he perfectly completed the haunted and abandoned…show more content…
The snake put it’s colossal head in the air, rising up until it’s hostile, ink-black eyes met mine. I was so determined to get my necklace, the snake didn’t even phase me, I just yelled at it and waved my arms in an attempt to get it away. Curiously, the snake didn’t even move to attack me as I walked nearer and nearer to it. I came face to face with the snake. Still keeping eye contact with me, the scaly reptile said in the same voice as the mysterious, deep, one before, “Today, you are paying for the foolishness of yourself, your mother, and your grandmother.” As soon as the last word left its fanged mouth, it lunged at me with all of it’s might, biting down on my right calf, hard, and then disappearing into

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