Personal Narrative: My Single Parent Home

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After 9/11 my dad joined the Army to defend America. we lived in Oklahoma for a while, Then we moved to Texas. I never stayed in one school for two years in a row, and no matter where i went, i could never seem to fit in. It didn't help that an early childhood case of Kawasaki disease left my skin covered in leopard spots. i didn't get to socialize much. Instead, I read a lot of books. During recess, when the other kids were playing cops and robbers I was busy slaying Dragons. It might have seemed to the untrained eye that I was very lonely but in truth I had a library of friends to keep my company. My dad was not around much . When asked, my mom would tell me that he was serving in Iraq or Iran, but he could have been on the moon for all…show more content…
It was Mom, Grandma, Little Brother, and all of Hogwarts. My granny was my best friend, my autistic brother my playmate and Mom my teacher. While my mom did teach me a lot about school things the lessons that i will always value the most were the ones about life. My Mom was never one to pull back punches. She painted a picture of herself as a child struggling with sickness, providing for her family, while excelling schoolwork, and extracurricular activities. She told me of how she worked her absolute hardest and did everything that she could to break the glass ceiling, yet still failed. I was determined that it wouldn't happen to me. if not for my own benefit, then just to see the look on her…show more content…
Taking her lessons to heart I studied hard. The day that I had gotten a Test question wrong, I was devastated. I feared mom would be upset with me. she had encouraged me to win! I got home, I could hardly stand to tell her the awful news. Tears streamed down my face, I muttered shamefully that I had gotten a 97. I was surprised when she looked at me and laughed. She gently explained to me that missing questions would not unleash the forces of Armageddon on the world. She said that instead of seeing a wrong answer as a mistake, look at them as an opportunity to improve. I saw things in an entirely different light. The next test that I took I didn’t get a perfect score, but I improved. I learned criticism as an important part of the learning process. Without knowing what is wrong, I can’t be better. I strived for academic success and was rewarded with my mother's smile. After that incident I also learned that grades are not everything and so I set out to find the things in life that give me joy. It took me many years find The answer . I went a emo stage where I thought I was totally into goth. then music was my muse and learned to play the clarinet. Next I discovered acting . My aunt had brought over a box set of a tv show called smallville. I watched it and from that moment i fell in love. it wasn't the first time i had seen a tv

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