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The company which we will be discussing in this report is a joint venture called VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd. based out of India which is a joint venture between Indian origin Eicher Motors Limited (EML) and Swedish company Volvo Group (Volvo) both working in the Heavy Duty Vehicle sector. Under the new movement, falls under structural arrangement, which means that two or more parties contribute assets to a legal entity (“NewCo”) and have an equal share in the profits and losses incurred. Since both the companies have equal stake it becomes imperative to realise the difference in their working style internally and creation of synergies to become a successful collaboration. In reaching this goal, a systematic knowledge and campaign…show more content…
(Magnet 1984). In such situations, our role becomes imperative not only to ease out the competition but to realise the fact that this is “a marriage between two very unlikely organisations”. The major strategic issue according to our understanding and studies is that there is a major gap between Volvo and Eicher’s ideology and working and as such special importance and a sense of caution is needed. An Internal communication advisers will have a major role in helping leaders of the organisation frame their communications to the various important audiences, both internal and external and representing the stakeholders’ views and reactions to the organisation’s leaders. The Goals of Internal…show more content…
Technology also plays a very important role in creation of an ideal communication channel. For this our very first suggestion is to utilise the Intranet for dissemination of information. Creating a new site on the intranet called ‘Collabioration News’ where all the information is provided to the employees. Utilizing this as the only channel for information will provide with opportunity of interaction between employees and leadership. For VECV, we need to keep in mind that the worst message which we can give out is not to engage and communicate. We have to utilise various means like small group meetings, utilising big TVCs in the lobbies of the corporate office individual, pamphlets, Special workshops, one-on-one meetings to discuss redundancies. Also, utilizing documentaries and revamping of stationary will be a good idea. It is imperative to make employees as comfortable as possible and providing them with predictable behaviour from the company is always suggested. For which established timetable of announcements is suggested. Also an important internal alignment tool would be creation of employee ambassadors who can influence the settlement of others and in a way act as the mouth piece of the new VECV

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