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The film Awakenings was an adaptation of a non fiction book written by Oliver Sacks. It was based on actual events and was directed by Penny Marshall. The film takes place in a local hospital in the 1990’s at the Bronx. The story starts with a Doctor named Malcolm Sayer discovers how his patients with post-encephalitis respond to touch, feel, and when talked to. He first tries it on one of his patients named Lucy. Who, for several years could not talk and move on her own. He then came to a conclusion that his patients borrow the will of another human being or object to project movement. After this certain discovery he attended a class on a further study of a drug called L dopa. This was originally used by persons diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Much less, it…show more content…
Curious on what it might contribute to his patients’ paralyzation he asked his supervisor to let him give L dopa as a medication to his patients. The supervisor’s refusal leads him to convince only one of the patients’ relatives. The mother of Leonard Lowe. Leonard was 11 when he first experienced the symptoms. The drug took awhile to take effect on Leonard’s body. Doctor Malcolm had to experiment on what drink the drug should be paired with and how much should he give. After much anticipation, Doctor Malcolm Sayer saw the outcome of his curiosity. Leonard Lowe finally awakened, thus the title. But this awakening lasted only a few months. Leonard began to question the hospital’s regulations. He wanted to explore the world he had been deprived from. He wanted to experience it all over again, but this time with a girl he can possibly fall in love with. As expected, the hospital refused to let Leonard go out on his own. The drug was not stable, and so was the effect on Leonard. They had to do further observations. But this only made Leonard aggressive. He became rebellious towards the hospital staff. As months passed, Leonard’s tics and spasms have reoccurred. He eventually returned to the state in

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