Edgar Allen Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart

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Sofia Kone Mrs.Bullock English 8, Period 4 October 19, 2015 The Tell Tale Heart Literary Analysis His motivation was neither the desire of money, nor passion, but was the irrational fear of the old man's pale blue eye. In the short story, 'The Tell Tale Heart', by Edgar Allen Poe, the author uses irony, symbolism, and language to demonstrate how a person dark, suspenseful, and ominous fears can drive themselves insane. The story begins boldly and unexpectedly as the narrator confesses that he will take the life of an old man because of his psychotic obsession over his eye. Every night, the narrator stalks the man in his sleep, until the 8th night, when he suffocates his victim. After dissembling the body, the sound of the bodies dead heart clouds the narrator's guilt and drives himself crazy until he finally admits the dark deed.…show more content…
As seen in the beginning of the tale, the obviously disturbed narrator shows the readers his steps to insanity, even though he is actually trying to the audience his rationality, finishing the story in a state of agitation. Additionally, the narrator is obsessed with his irrational fear of the old man's, but it is the sound of the old man's heart that makes him go insane. As said before confessing his crime to the police,” I gasped for breath… I talked more quickly--more vehemently; but the noise steadily increased… It grew louder-louder-louder!”(Poe 359). This questions the readers if it is the old man's beating heart that he heard or if it is the narrator's own anxious
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