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In the article, “Stop Googling. Let’s Talk”, the author Sherry Turkle addresses the issue of technology and its effect on today’s conversations. Turkle is the founder and director of the MIT Initiative on Technology and Self program. She wrote several books concerning technology and human interaction such as Alone Together and Life On a Screen. Her academic status and research serve her while writing this article. Sherry discusses in her article how technology has obstructed the presence of decent conversations by presenting a rather shallow alternative. On a different perspective, I personally believe that technology has served as a platform for people to have conversations that they would have never been able to have if technology was not…show more content…
Children today are found to lack empathy and compassion towards others. They simply cannot grasp what others feel or think due to lack of experience. They are incapable of relating to others. The author presents a comparison between modern and old, prior to technology, conversations. In the “old “conversations one had to confront one’s self and ideas while engaging and sharing with others. Conversation is a way to know yourself, just like what solitude offers, a chance of in-depth thinking. To be able to engross in a decent conversation one must be comfortable with his/her identity. Thus, a deep conversation and solitude offer human being a cycle of learning, self-reflecting and growing. Professor Turkle explains who the app generation is and how today’s youth tend to be impatient. Multitasking seems to be everyone’s new acquired skill where one’s attention is fragmented instead of focusing on a single task and being clear and…show more content…
Being anonymous gives one the platform to vocalize his ideas without fear or thought of consequences. Just a true and direct statement of thoughts or feelings. Mathew Ingram wrote in his article “Is the Internet making us more lonely or less lonely? Yes”:” If anything, online connections tend to spark or promote real-world connections. I have met dozens and possibly even hundreds of people I wouldn’t know except for Twitter, had spontaneous coffee meetings thanks to Foursquare check-ins, and made countless other connections between the online and offline world.” Many people, like Mathew, were able to connect to people with similar interests and characteristics due to technology. But as Mathew clarifies further on, not all people do. It is a matter of character. You either are an outgoing person that goes out to meet people you connected with on Twitter or not. You are not a loner if you don’t, neither are you harmed by twitter and other social media. They perfectly serve as platforms to help people connect and relate, which also enhance personal growth and

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