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Names: Jamila Christine Bonde Course and Section: MLS1-1 Jan Marie Kirsten Robles Name of the Professor: Ms. Peggy Anne Orbe Movie Critique of “Awakenings” The Writer: Oliver Sacks, M.D. The Director: Penny Marshall 1990 "Awakenings" is a 1990 American drama film derived from Oliver Sacks' novel. It was directed by Penny Marshall with Robin Williams and Robert De Niro as some of the main characters. The movie revolves around the story of a new doctor who started to work in a ward of catatonic patients. He was greatly disturbed by the fact that those patients were fully catatonic for years. Being disturbed greatly has brought him so much of eagerness to find a possible cure for the patients which have leaded him into a very extraordinary…show more content…
Ever since he was a child, Leonard Lowe seems to have difficulty with controlling his hands especially in writing. Years later, the scene starts in a ward of a Bronx mental hospital where a new doctor, Dr. Malcolm Sayer, played by Robin Williams, started to work. He is a doctor who has no experience of working with human patients. Like those doctors who have worked there before him, he, somehow, also does not have any hope for these ghostly patients who are physically present but are mentally absent. The first patient assigned to him was an old lady who looks blankly at him with her body, entirely frozen. But then once he turned away and then he turns back, the old lady has already change her position, apparently trying to catch her eyeglasses as they fell. He thought that how could she be able to move and catch her glasses, yet be unable to move at her own will? That moment sparked a hope in him which has leaded him…show more content…
Malcolm Sayer, Mrs. Lowe, Paula, and Eleanor. Leonard Lowe's character was majorly played by Robert De Niro. His character was an old catatonic patient who was the first to be awakened from being catatonic. He enjoyed being awake and he also fell into a romantic relationship with Paula, who was another patient's daughter. Leonard also had a deep friendship with Dr. Malcolm Sayer's character, the first ever doctor who actually had hope of saving patients' lives. Dr. Malcolm Sayer is a very dedicated doctor even though it was his first time working with those kinds of patients. Dr. Sayer has been working very closely with Eleanor Costello who is one of the nurses in the ward. Eleanor shows deep feelings for Dr. Sayer in which at first, he ignores but later feels a little bit of the same way too. Robert De Niro really did a great job on this video. Acting like a retarded person and a Parkinson's disease patient is not really very easy but he made it seem real and look natural. Paula's character, which was played by Penelope Ann Miller, did a good job too but did not really made her character look like she is in a deep connection with

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