Should Preteens Be Tried As Adults

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Should preteens be tried as adults? Should preteens be tried as adults? I strongly believe that juveniles should not be tried as adults. Today, we live in a society faced with many crimes. Sadly, children as young as nine or twelve are committing violent crimes such as murder that are inherently adult in nature. The question of whether they should be tried as adults is on the rise. While preteens should be responsible for their actions, and held accountable for the crime, they should not be sent to adult jail where they have adult cell mates. It sickens me to know that some people are willing to throw away a child as non- redeemable. While going to a juvenile center does nothing to minimize the horror of what this child did, it does speak…show more content…
Various freedoms come in at different years. Some of these consist of: the right to vote, the right to have sex or marry, or the right to smoke or drink. Children are usually under the control of a parent or guardian. Minors cannot be tried as adults, because the truth is they are not adults. This is not only wrong but is also ridiculous to think that a child that is ten or twelve years old can be tried as an adult and possibly put in jail with adult murders. These are troubled minors who need help, for example, a 12-year-old fatally stabbed a 9-year-old. The twelve year old boy then called 911 and reported that he stabbed someone and he wanted to die. This child has no respect for life; he does not have any respect for his life or others. I am sure they were warning signs indicating the need for help, but in today’s society some people are so caught up in their own lives that they do not think about those around them. Mauer in an article supports this he stated, “This is a profound cry for help” (Young Souls, Dark Deeds).Children commits crimes for a reason. Maybe they are angry, or maybe they just want attention. Committing crimes is the only option they see. Despite the severity of the crime, this boy is still a child, and since he is a child and children are different from adults, different rules or laws should apply as to how we deal with…show more content…
The reality is that because of the heinous nature of the crime and having difficulties to comprehend why a child would do such a horrible act, shocked grown-ups seek answers, solutions and justice by deeming these minors as having the mental capacity of adults is designed to satisfy lust for vengeance and revenge when these heinous crimes are committed ,according to Mauer , “children lacks the maturity to appreciate the consequences of their acts, but they can be rehabilitated and that is why Juvenile courts were established” (Young Souls, Dark Deeds). Should these juveniles be serving a set period of time in a secure center with treatment? Yes. Should they be monitored if they get out? Of course they should. Should they be punished for the rest of their lives? No. Since, they are juveniles with less understanding of the laws; they deserve special protection. However, Labahn an attorney argues that, “adult charges should be allowed for very young defendants if the law provides procedure to protect their rights and the public’s” (Young Souls, Dark Deeds). But what do these children know or understand about rights? Most children are impulsive, live in the now and are too immature to process the long term effects of their actions. In The New York Times debate room article Hare, Bishop –Jerkings argues that, “while youth’s brain is still developing, they know from an early age

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